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( by AKIBA KEN )

This is a database of New Zealand trekking huts, and you can search of all of 998 huts in New Zealand. A hut name, category (charge), capacity, National Park, Tramping track, etc. are investigated.

Reference from a hut name can be performed. Moreover, it can narrow down and search from every trekking course, the category of a hut, and an area

New Zealand all of huts reference database

Hut name   
( 998 records )

How to use hut reference :

  • If [search] is pushed without specifying and inputting anything, the data of all the huts registered into the database will be displayed.
  • It narrows down by the category of a track and a hut, and areas (national park etc.), and reference is possible. From a "track" Cass-Lagoon Track is chosen, and in a hut name, if [search] is clicked with a blank, all the huts on Cass-Lagoon Track will be displayed.
  • It can refer to a part of hut name. for example, -- if only th is inputted -- name All the huts where th is contained are displayed.
  • Data is based on the information currently exhibited by the DOC web as of November, 2002. Keep in mind that it is not necessarily the newest information.

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