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There are lots of hot springs in New Zealand. Not only Rotorua, Maruia, Hanmer springs.

I was travelling New Zealand with seeking hot springs. In particularly I paid attention to primitive hot springs, no-development, no-facilities, just gushing hot water naturally.

I've found some such places and went there.

Maruia Springs
Sylvia Flat Hot Pools
Otehake Hot Spring
Hurunui Hot Springs

1. Kerosene Creek (between Rotorua and Taupo)
2. Ketetahi Hot Springs (on Tongariro Northern Circuit)
3. The Hot Water Stream, Taupo (4km from Taupo town centre)
4. Julia hot Springs (on Waimakariri-Harman Pass Route)
5. Otehake Hot Springs (near Harper Pass Route)
6. The Hurunui Hot Springs (on Harper Pass Route)
7. Welcome Flat Hot Pools (Copland Track near Fox Glacier)

I think the best place is Welcome Flat Hot Pools. There are 4 large pools formed (just digging ground). It's different temperature depend on pools. You can see dynamic mountain scenery with soaking the hot pools. Welcome Flat Hut is also good roomy hut 2 min from the hot pools.

You get there by walking 6 to 8 hour from state highway 6. The track is rated medium to a little bit hard.

The second best place is The Hot Water Stream in Taupo. You can access from Taupo town by walking. The stream locates on the walkway to Huka Fall. All of the stream water is hot!

If you've got an own car, Kerosene Creek is good place too. It's an also hot water stream. It locates between Rotorua and Taupo. The stream flow in forest, more quiet than The Hot Water Stream, Taupo (Otumuheke Stream).

New Zealand Hot Springs

Red Japanese character means primitive hot springs (wild spa).

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